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Oculus Mobile SDK - Do I need it to publish?

I'm trying to get my VR app published on the Oculus store. I have read the requirements and it mentions using the Oculus Mobile SDK. However, do I need to use this as my app is working fine and the settings work for Samsung Gear VR? Can I just meet all the requirements but forego using the Oculus Mobile SDK, or will I get denied?


  • TrevJTTrevJT Posts: 44
    Brain Burst
    You do not "need" it: "Mobile developers using Unity or Unreal generally do not need to download this SDK and should begin with our Unity and Unreal integrations "

    They will deny you if the volume buttons and cancel button does not do what they want.
  • metrocubemetrocube Posts: 55 Oculus Staff
    I am so sorry for the typo, @jedstephen.  That should read "Mobile SDK or game engine version requirements" not "and". I will fix it.

    Like TrevJT says, if you use one, you probably don't use the other.

    You do need the Oculus Platform SDK. You can't publish without adding an Oculus Platform entitlement check.  
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