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[Solved] How to Scale Avatar?

masterchopmasterchop Posts: 35
Brain Burst

 i have been looking the Avatar SDK and works pretty well and i think it would be better to show the avatar than the one i was building already. The transsition was pretty smooth beside the scaling, I had the impression i saw an option for this already on the SDK but i dont seemed to find it. I am downScaling the world to get the correct effect but i wonder if we can with the avatar.

by the way i am working in Unity3d

Thank you


  • masterchopmasterchop Posts: 35
    Brain Burst
    Nevermind... i was blocking myself with anohter script, just alter the scale and it should work.
  • Ross_BeefRoss_Beef Posts: 104 Oculus Staff
    No worries - glad you got to the bottom of it! Looking forward to seeing the finished app.
    Marking this one as solved.
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