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Gallery Apps - Why Is My App in the Gallery Section?

TrevJTTrevJT Posts: 44
Brain Burst
Hi I have a game that is in the Gallery apps section and I want to get into the "Games" section. I would love anyone's opinion on why you think it's in the gallery section. I want my roadmap to be in-line with what Oculus wants to see. IE - I need better graphics, more story, better UI, if I added multiplayer, more levels...

I've been told that the content team will monitor my metrics and reach out to me if my app deserves to be moved to 'games' or get featured.

Any developers on here have their app moved from gallery to games section?

Here is my free first person shooter: Zombie Room. <-That video is the gameplay summed up, it has been updated to include controller support and movement.

If it is metrics based, what are they looking for, below are some of my metrics, are these metrics bad/good/mediocre?
  • 500-800 installs/day
  • 5100 weekly active users
  • 6-7 minutes avg time per user
Thanks any feedback from developers would be great!
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