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Use of the Gear VR for professional applications - is there a "Kiosk" mode, etc?


This may be a question for Oculus as much as for the forum but I can't really determine how a developer would get a direct line to Oculus so I figured I'd start here. My company is using the Gear VR as an all-in-one tetherless VR platform for a new product currently under development. I was wondering if there's any possibility of using the Gear in some kind of "kiosk" mode - basically, I want to be able to grease the wheels a bit on the process of actually launching our product so our customers don't have to deal with stuff like
  • Phone fitting into the headset
  • Dismissing Android notifications/messages
  • Finding/updating/launching app from the oculus store
It is frustrating to require our customers to navigate the oculus store just to use an app that is only available to them in a custom release channel  - we're able to work around that using an android shortcut app, but the other challenges are more difficult to work around. Is there a way we can package the S7 into the Gear as a single unit, and disable as much extraneous processes as possible so it functions primarily as an all-in-one headset for our application? We're currently using Unity but if this is doable using native development that works. 



  • PoddenPodden Posts: 62
    Hiro Protagonist
    Heavy bump for this one!! Would be awesome
  • adrianhatchadrianhatch Posts: 4
    edited March 2017
    Are there any plans to provide any better business solution with the Gear VR platform? I don't object to the oculus store platform - the pain points for our customers are everything related to transitioning from the device as the Samsung S7 to the device as the Oculus Gear VR. If there was a VR-only mode for the phone that'd be excellent - for a example, a kiosk mode that locks the phone to Oculus only, and potentially within the Gear VR hardware only. 

    For example: Some of our customers aren't familiar with the Android UI. They accidentally make minor settings changes that they see as major problems while navigating to the Oculus app, or are confused or concerned about Android notifications and warning messages. Additionally, we had a problem where a customer accidentally set the Gear VR to "B" mode (no clue how) removing or inserting the phone. The Gear has great potential as a tetherless VR platform for business applications but these problems are consternating, especially without any indication of future support for business customers. A dream come true would be more control over the Oculus Store itself - such as being able to launch directly into a VR application - but any improvement on the current situation would be massively helpful. 
  • noemisnoemis Posts: 33
    Brain Burst
    Yes, I also definitly vote for this kiosk-"feature" - something like "this app only mode"

    I'm pretty sure oculus doesn't hear this the first time... and even if they think, this feature is not uses by many people. This feature is heavenly needed by people, who bring vr to the people. I heared on some vr meetups that there a lot more people looking for this. Some features we need:
    • turn on phone if power turned on (wake on power)
    • auto start specific app after boot direct to vr mode (while device is in the gear vr)
    • supress universal menu when back button is pressed longer
    Currently I'm writing because of the last point. In one of the last SKDs (I'm using Unity+gearVR) I could decide (via a OVRPlatformMenu script) which action happens if I press the button short or long. Now, oculus removed this possibility...WHY?

    If I publish an empty project with unity to gear vr, the long press on the back button opens the universal menu. I can understand that this a wanted feature: that every user can go to this menu in every app the same way. BUT what if a new user, in a museum, in 24 hour installation should NOT exit out application... or every skilled gear vr user can exit our public app.

    In short: how can I disable the back button function, but not cutting the cables in the gearVR.
  • lukefwilsonlukefwilson Posts: 5
    bump this original question. Would love to have a custom launcher that limits users to specific apps.
  • vOwlvOwl Posts: 20 Oculus Start Member
    bump this question again. Same issue will happen to Apps running on "oculus Go" hardware....
  • undef_devundef_dev Posts: 21
    Brain Burst
  • justiceincjusticeinc Posts: 17
    +2 for oculus go! any progress on this issue since last year?
  • hessvaciohessvacio Posts: 28 Oculus Start Member
    +1 for this post as well!
  • rmukalianrmukalian Posts: 11
    On the GO the user is trained to use the home button immediately after putting the headset on (to re-center). I could see less tech-savvy users pressing it again almost immediately (since it's the only button they've used at that point) and quitting out of the application.  The GO is pretty much perfect as a self contained demo headset for conventions, sales training, etc. but the lack of a kiosk mode puts a lot of extra work on the people running the experiences for new users.
  • jblattajblatta Posts: 2
    I too would love this feature for Oculus GO please!  This is much needed in the commercial content market for custom client apps.  I would even pay to unlock this feature as part of a commercial use license.  Come on Oculus!!!
  • BackendGamesBackendGames Posts: 3
    Need the Kiosk mode for the Go for commercial use.
  • presco317presco317 Posts: 8
    edited May 2018
    Everyone has the same idea. But there is no place to comment as actively as here .No one answered my post, and no one answered other. Anyway, it's true that this function is definitely necessary to some people. @imperativity
  • InterfaseVRInterfaseVR Posts: 4
    The company I work with is pushing VR in a lot of situations in which this feature would be a life saver, it would make things much easier for both us and our clients. Museums, conventions, art installations ... +1 for something like a kiosk mode feature.
  • chaimshapirachaimshapira Posts: 1
    on the gear VR is definitly possible specaily when you have root access, but no root access on the go yet
  • jeromeffjeromeff Posts: 2
    Samsung VR has presentation/kiosk features that works fine with Oculus Go.
    But it's obvious that we should have the same features with Oculus video.
  • LabulleCreationLabulleCreation Posts: 19
    edited June 2018
    Oh yes, a Kiosk mode would be a lifesaver for professional presentations ! Oculus, do not forget we, as companies, are buying and advertising your products. The better and smoother the experience we can provide, the best chance you have to sell more headsets to our clients.
  • LuzidoLuzido Posts: 2
    Bump! We need this. Jep!
    Any news?
  • Evans_Taylor_DigitalEvans_Taylor_Digital Posts: 16 Oculus Start Member
    consider this another vote for tihs feature.
  • axvaxv Posts: 3

    Any reason this is being ignored?
    This is literally an showstopper for a large part of enterprise/business usage of Go. 
  • claytongulickclaytongulick Posts: 2
    We need a kiosk mode as well for our upcoming application, will have to evaluate other platforms/hardware for launch until we can get this critical feature.
  • GabrioGabrio Posts: 6
    +1 for the feature that is needed "Kiosk mode"
  • noemisnoemis Posts: 33
    Brain Burst
    edited October 2019
    #developer of all countries unite - PLEASE go to following page: https://oculus.uservoice.com/forums/918559-oculus-go/suggestions/36396727-oculus-go-kiosk-mode… ...and VOTE for the #oculusgo KIOSK mode. Let's bring it to the top of the list. Share this info, please. We all need this to bring #VR to schools/museums/etc.
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