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Alpha channel+platform integration - nougat vs marshmallow issue

mallmagicianmallmagician Posts: 259
Hi all,

I asked my brother to test my alpha build of my game. 

It has platform integration in it, to check entitlements and stream to Facebook which works well.  

Here's the problem:-

When I launch it(marshmallow),  I can look around the opening menu no problem, and can launch the game no bother, and stream and all that jazz.

My brother... (s7 nougat) gets a crash when looking around the menu screen.  He can stream fine and if he quickly launches from the menu into a level, all is fine. It's just the menu screen where if he looks around, after a few seconds it crashes to home. He thinks it's to do with his head moving.  

Any ideas? Help. I'm somewhat deflated and hope it's just a box I've not ticked somewhere. 


  • mallmagicianmallmagician Posts: 259
    Fixed it.  An error on a script in the menu - didn't cause issues on MM but did on Nougat.  TIL - Don't ignore errors no matter how inconsequential.
  • mallmagicianmallmagician Posts: 259
    Made all the more fun by the fact that making a debug apk and having him run that - fixed the problem - making the log useless.  no debug scripts - broke.  hehe.
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