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Unity 5.5 has cpuLevel and gpuLevel support?

Has Unity 5.5 the cpuLevel and gpuLevel integration??

we are calling directly by the DllImport

[DllImport(pluginName, CallingConvention = CallingConvention.Cdecl)]
    public static extern Bool ovrp_SetSystemCpuLevel(int value);

    public static int cpuLevel
        get { return ovrp_GetSystemCpuLevel(); }
        set { ovrp_SetSystemCpuLevel(value); }

But I am not sure about if this is working because in less than two minutes, the galaxy S6 overheats in a very simple scene


  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 23,184 Oculus Staff
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  • SxKxSxKx Posts: 86
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited April 16
    Updated to 1.13 and my S6 is almost catching fire in 2minutes also. When previously could go on for 15min +.. Has there been a bump in native render resolution or how is this even possible? Any insight anyone? Tried to fiddle with cpu/gpu values with no results while debugging gpu values on screen and seeing the choking, still heating up like a stove,,,
  • drashdrash Posts: 2,821
    Have you tried looking at the log produced by such a run?   If only to check to ensure that the once-per-second VrApi log events report the GPU/CPU settings you expect, and see what the temps look like etc.

    Just as a data point, on Oculus Utilities 1.12 + Unity 5.3.8f1, the GPU/CPU settings are definitely working as expected on the S6.  Seems that the underlying mobile SDK hasn't changed from 1.12 to 1.13 though, it's listed as Mobile SDK for both.
  • SxKxSxKx Posts: 86
    Hiro Protagonist
    Haven´t tried, no idea how to get logs on gearVR tests. So, advice needed for that.  I´m trying convert back to 5.3.8f1 if that could provide help for me.
  • FutureLighthouseFutureLighthouse Posts: 12
    I think that my solution posted above is right, I have no warnings from oculus store with the review of my app
  • kuanghsin.liukuanghsin.liu Posts: 3
    We are using Oculus Utilities 1.12 + Unity 5.4.5f1, and the setting of cpuLevel and gpuLevel works for us on S6. As setting both cpuLevel and gpuLevel as 0, the frame rate does drop and our app can runs much longer (40+mins) on S6 without any overheating message.

    However, as we tests the same apk on S7 (with the same version of Android (6.0.1) and same version of GearVR framework (11.0.0) and all the other settings are as the same as we have on S6), the frame rate doesn't drop at all (the adb log still tells you CPU0/GPU = 0/0) and it doesn't really help the heating issue on S7 much...
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