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ovrvision Pro - unity - dk2

Dear all, 

I am trying to stream ovrvision Pro camera into dk2 in unity 5.3.2.  I am using Oculus runtime, windows 10. The computer that i am using meets all the ovrvision Pro requirements. I am using OMEN hp gaming computer. 

Whenever I run the Ovrvision Pro in the calibration app the image freezes and it doesn't pop up any errors. 
Whenever I run the Ovrvision Pro in Unity it's the same. It streams into the dk2 but the image freezes. Even if I set the resolution to 1280 × 960 × 2 on 45 Hz. 

Can please someone advise me what to do? 
Should I try to update the firmware? The thing is that the translated (from Japanese) instructions are very bad and I am afraid to mess up the camera. 

Thank you for your answers in advance! 
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