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Best way to port C++ windows game code to Gear VR?

SirRichieRichSirRichieRich Posts: 12
As question. I already have the source code for a game written for Windows. Whats a good way to port it over for the Gear VR? I hear Unreal uses C++. I wouldn't really want to recode the whole thing to C# in Unity as I don't know C#.

The game is a first person shooter and was written around mid 2000 so isn't a hugely modern game and runs on Win98, XP and 7.

Any advice appreciated.

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  • imperativityimperativity Posts: 1,705 Oculus Staff
    edited April 21

    Our engineering team recommends rewriting the application in Unity or Unreal as there isn't an easy way to directly port DX7-era C++ to Android.
  • SirRichieRichSirRichieRich Posts: 12
    I found the sourcecode of a linux port of the game which uses OpenGL. Does that make things easier?
  • SirRichieRichSirRichieRich Posts: 12
    Thanks for the pointers, will give them a go.
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