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'Oculus Video' GearVR Seam Bug

HidingGlassHidingGlass Posts: 3
I recently updated Oculus Video on my Gear VR and now every video I play (both side-loaded and downloaded from official sources) has a nasty seam down the back and is pinching at the polls. I'm side-loading videos onto multiple devices for a trade show with FB360 Audio so if there is any solution or alternative please let me know. 

Are there other apps I can side-load the video onto that supports FB360 Audio? 

Oculus Video: Version 1.5.20 04/17/2017
Device: Samsung Galaxy S7SM-G930FD
Gear VR SM-R322

Video:  H.264  //  .MP4  //  4096x2048  //  30 MBits/Sec  //  FB360 Encoded Audio


  • yessianmusicyessianmusic Posts: 4
    I just discovered the exact same, the videos in "my videos" no longer auto play, which is a problem for me during our VR demonstrations.  Is there a way to install an older version of Oculus Video on the Gear VR?

  • HidingGlassHidingGlass Posts: 3
    I've been having some success downloading an older version (1.61.1 works for me) on Aptoide. Not an ideal solution as you have to go around security and must then launch the app from Aptoide as it doesn't show up in the oculus store. Works in a pinch though. Hopefully they will remedy this problem soon. The newest app version is also 1.5.20 which seems older than the previous one (1.61.1) so I'm wondering if someone didn't make a mistake and submit the wrong version?

    Hopefully someone from Oculus can weigh in.   
  • bas3Dbas3D Posts: 1
    I have the same UV seam problem. thanks for sharing the older version.
  • davebirchdavebirch Posts: 1
    same here - how about it Oculus?
  • OCGregOCGreg Posts: 2 Oculus Staff
    We have fixed this issue, and the fix will be available in next week's automatic update. Thanks all!
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 23,184 Oculus Staff
    Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll have someone look into this. Thanks.
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  • psavavcpsavavc Posts: 1
    edited April 27
    Also getting this issue, when will the update be available?
  • ascvr2ascvr2 Posts: 4
    It is the 27th of April and I just updated one of our Gear VR set ups and sure enough I now have seam bug on my videos! When will there be a fix or when will it be possible to roll back to previous update? Was ready for the trade show but now I am having to research another platform to show 360 videos!
  • ascvr2ascvr2 Posts: 4
    It is the 28th... Friday... of that "next week"... that the new update was going to be sent out to "fix" what the last updated messed up. I tried unistalling Oculus and reinstalling but same issue with the seam showing up in videos played locally on my Samsung S7. What is the reality of getting this fixed? :'(
  • ascvr2ascvr2 Posts: 4
    Helpful for everyone! :) I have come up with solution to the seam appearing on local playback after updated Gear VR. If you use Samsung VR you will be able to use your local 360 video without the seam appearing. Steps I had to go through:
    1. Open Samsung VR
    2. It will prompt you to insert phone into Gear VR (ok to do so)
    3. Follow navigation to your video.
    It took me some time to find my videos but it looks like Samsung VR created another app with a "goggle" icon on my phone. I can now play my local 360 videos through Samsung VR without internet access.
    Importatnt! I would suggest not connecting to the internet; just to avoid the possibility of updating the app and losing the ability to playing back locally.
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