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Where to find OVRPlugin 1.3 for Unity3d?

InxInx Posts: 8
Im currentky trying to update a few things in an older project of ours..
however.. that project used the OVRPlugin (the one where you had to replace some files/folders in your Unity-installation).. but I cant find where to download OVRPlugin 1.3 for Unity3D.. any idea?.. Most of the links that I managed to find on the net links back to Oculus dev-site.. however.. the page has been removed..


  • imperativityimperativity Posts: 1,705 Oculus Staff

    The developer site is currently being upgraded to a new and improved layout and as such links may not function from time to time as work is done behind the scenes.

    Does this link work for you: ?

    It sounds like you are referencing Oculus Utilities in your post, so here is a direct link to the latest 1.13 release of that software:

    Let me know if you need any further assistance finding anything in particular.
  • ker2xker2x Posts: 62
    Hiro Protagonist
    1.3 is available from the 2nd link imperativity pasted but you probably want 1.13, right ?
    1.3 is 1 year old and only support old unity version -_-
  • mankindforwardmankindforward Posts: 2
    I had some similar confusion. "OVRPlugin 1.13" is not release yet. Unity 5.6 comes with 1.12 right now. It's misleading because all the other versions are 1.13. E.g. This is what I see in Unity Console at the moment:

    "Unity v5.6.0f3, Oculus Utilities v1.13.0, OVRPlugin v1.12.0, SDK v1.13.0)"
  • mrzhang123mrzhang123 Posts: 2
    hello  i have the same questio , have you download the OVRPlugin 1.3 for Unity3D? can you share it with me ? I have long time for it 
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