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Accessibility in VR

drashdrash Posts: 2,840
edited December 2013 in PC Development
I've taken an interest in making sure that developers have easy ways to make their VR experiences more accessible, especially given that a push for "immersion" may mean players will be forced to bring their disabilities with them into a virtual reality.

Game Accessibility Guidelines is a fantastic site with what amounts to a well-organized checklist for the developer (ranging from basic to advanced) to make sure you're covering all the bases. Strongly recommend checking this site out!


Up first is colorblindness:

Color Blindness (color vision deficiency)

Colorblindness affects a very significant percentage of players. According to the above site, 8% of males have red-green colorblindness (protanopia/deuteranopia/protanomaly/deuteranomaly), and there are other variants as well. Wikipedia states that 7.5%-11% of the population have some form of red-green colorblindness (which makes up 95% of all those affected by any form of color-blindness).

So, here is a colorblindness simulator for use in your Unity projects.
Color Blindness Simulator (.unitypackage)

To use, simply drop the SimulateColorBlindness script onto your camera(s) and configure a key you'd like to use for cycling through the many variants of colorblindness at runtime. I recommend running the game while in the Editor (as opposed to from a built executable) so that you can see the console message indicating which colorblindness mode you're looking at.

In the future, I hope to post more "helpers" of some kind, but please feel free to post here to point developers in the direction of other helpful tools.


  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Thanks for posting this.

    It's always good to have your games be accessible as possible.
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  • FritoFrito Posts: 924
    reposting this from redd, might give some ideas

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  • (making my 3rd post so I can start a new topic, but I'm actually interested in an ongoing discussion in this area)

    For people who have been working with the rift for awhile, is there anything vr or rift specific, or just becomes more prominent? Thinking strobe induced seizures might be an even bigger issue, but as it's not something I've done specific research on, I'm not sure.
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