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Would I connect two GearVR Controllers?

mrsionsmrsions Posts: 1
I think good to connect two Controllers.

But GearVR controller not designed for connect two controller.

You think it's supported later?


  • cjshelbycjshelby Posts: 1
    This is great news and steam vr support would be greatly appreciated.
  • AugmentedAugmented Posts: 1
    Great to know it! I hope we can start developing Apps with two remote controllers as soon as possible: our clients are demanding it!!

    For many virtual simulations, it is necessary to use both hands, and it is impossible to do that with only one controller, and other technologies such us Leap Motion don't give us enough precision. There are other solutions, like gloves, but I have not tested them yet.

    Can we know when Oculus plan to allow developers using two controllers at once??

    Thank you in advance.
  • ThatOtherVRGuyThatOtherVRGuy Posts: 11
    So, how's this going? Also dealing with clients who need such functionality. Mobile VR with hand presence, no tethers, no external computers. Very sexy, big money. Be the first! Don't get scooped by Google or someone else!
  • D4n735D4n735 Posts: 1
    Is there any news to This Subject? 
  • Kanon_di_GeminiKanon_di_Gemini Posts: 3
    I'm interested too. Wainting for news. bye
  • firagabirdfiragabird Posts: 168
    So, how's this going? Also dealing with clients who need such functionality. Mobile VR with hand presence, no tethers, no external computers. Very sexy, big money. Be the first! Don't get scooped by Google or someone else!
    You won't get hand presence with 3dof controllers. The single one we have now is only in the right position half of the time at best by using an arm model that's fundamentally imperfect and based on assumptions that are commonly broken:
    • You're not standing up straight? Broken.
    • Your elbow isn't fixed to your side? Broken.
    • You try to reach out? Broken.
    • You moved your wrists, shoulders, or hips? Broken.
    All of these fragile assumptions become multiplied with two 3dof controllers. In fact, the harshest acid test - something that completely breaks immersion - becomes possible with this setup: touching the controllers together. The moment your eyes see that the rendered controllers aren't touching when you try this, the illusion of immersion falls apart.

    Don't count on Gear VR to give you hand presence, and do not give your clients that false assumption. Whatever you're designing, do it with the existing single 3dof controller setup. If hand presence is non-negotiable, use Rift/Vive/PSVR/WMR. If you need it in mobile VR form, Santa Cruz is coming for precisely that purpose, but be warned that dev kits won't be available until next year, and the CV hasn't even been announced.
    S7 Exynos Nougat. 2017 Gear VR. Public test channel.
  • djlins3djlins3 Posts: 2
    So I am writing something that is intended to be passed around many people, some left handed and some right handed.
    Is there a quick way I can swap a controllers hands in game (using Unity code) rather than forcing the user to come out to the app store each time a left handed player takes over from a right handed player?
  • riccardogioratoriccardogiorato Posts: 7 Oculus Start Member

    Welcome to the Oculus Developer Forums.

    Yes, there is support for using two controllers at once.

    This functionality will be released in the future and is currently not available at this time.
    Is this feature for two controllers still planned for Oculus Go and Gear VR?
  • imBXLimBXL Posts: 1
    What happen to this, I buyed a second controller and the oculus app not working with two controllers, you need to add two controllers support. the people will buy a htc vive if you dont do that :/
  • angelscloud7angelscloud7 Posts: 1
    2 controllers at the same time should be available by now....Right?
  • miroslaw.bagrowskimiroslaw.bagrowski Posts: 1
    It would be good to use two controllers or more advanced than Samsung.
  • itsonlyfairitsonlyfair Posts: 1
    As a new “go” owner I am wondering if there will ever be “dual controller” support for games like boxing or manual driving games. I think that would be a neat feature especially since the Quest has that function.
  • Thrice369Thrice369 Posts: 1
    I think that if Oculus really wants more ppl to buy products like the Quest or Rift S they need to realize that the Go and Gear VR only having one controller ability really limits the selling point of VR for those showing others who own the GO only. Also, the GO are some amazing devices and I am a new owner as well as Administrator for a non-profit and we will be using these to educate the youth and adults. Two have second controller support for these devices or the ability for someone to create an app that adds it through side loading would be amazing!

    I know at this time I can get the Oculus Go to pair to the Gear VR controller with a sideloaded Bluetooth app. But it will recognized and connect to a gaming pad controller but will only recognize the gear vr controller. Not actually connect.

    I feel like one, this has to do with the Oculus Go Home actually not supporting a second controller option; and two, even apps with two controller support the second controller is still overridden by whats seems to be non other than the Ocullus Home controller setting of Left and Right. Maybe simply add a Both*** option? Then all we would need to do is get drivers for different 3 dof or 6 dof controllers and sideload them? Or you could do it for us... 

    But no matter what, this would only increase interest in VR and help people actually wanting to make using these devices more realistic for real world applications at a real world entry price for majority of businesses and individuals in the modern world. Adding this kinda support to these products would literally show anyone who tried it that VR and AR are worth investing in and sharing with everyone you know! 

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