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[GearVR] Multi-View

pekayattpekayatt Posts: 133 Oculus Start Member
edited April 2017 in Unreal Development
I got really confused about documentation.

In here: https://developer3.oculus.com/documentation/game-engines/latest/concepts/unreal-multi-view/
It says that Multi-View for Mobile only works with OpenGL ES 2.0, and that the 3.1 must be NOT selected.

On Unreal Editor it says that to make Multi-View work you must select Open GL ES 3.1.

The last update for Unreal (4.16-Preview 1) it has on the Release Notes:
"The mobile multiview path now supports GearVR."

That means that it never worked? It was working on the branch from Oculus? Which OpenGL we should use?



  • pekayattpekayatt Posts: 133 Oculus Start Member
    Thanks man, just to be sure that we were doing the right thing. In Fact I believe the best way to view if it is running is to open the LogCat and search for the confirmation message, something like "Multi-view is enable on this device".

    I have done that, but we still don't get much better performance from it, hope this can improve in the near future as well, or to have something like the forward rendering on mobile. That was an amazing boost on pc, congratz guys!
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