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"Error: the APK you uploaded can't be processed" - gearvr apk upload

greyspheregreysphere Posts: 36
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I get this message when uploading a new version of an existing apk
The previous line from the command line tool is:
validating package contents (4 / 5)
There no other obvious error/info about what's going on 

This apk is: an apk submitted successfully from ~a year ago + some art changes + changing the platformsdk to the new version (from the 2 separate .sos to the single loader, this was successfully reported by the uploader, and them corrected) + changing the install location to auto (also successfully reported/corrected)

Does anyone know what this error means? Has seen it before? Has a solution?

The equivalent application for rift was updated similarly (art change, rebuild, resubmit) and had no problems.

The equivalent non-signed apk (w/ osigs) installs/runs just fine directly onto the phone/gear.


  • greyspheregreysphere Posts: 36
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    Also this is happening for two different (but very equivalent) builds/appids, (one that references a staging environment w/ slightly different art, as well as our release version).
  • greyspheregreysphere Posts: 36
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    After investigation I've found some combo of the following worked:

    1 - updating from api 19 to 21 (both in the build and manifest)
    2 - the older platform .so's were still being included in the deployment (even though they weren't being linked against, run).  (Note I wasn't getting the error reporting these needing to be removed which i had previously gotten - maybe something is weird here)
    3 - chicken sacrifice - in the form of a tasty sandwich.

    Hopefully this helps anyone who runs into this issue.
  • InnerExodusInnerExodus Posts: 108
    Glad to hear that you have resolved this issue. Thank you for sharing your solution with the forums!
  • greyspheregreysphere Posts: 36
    Brain Burst
    Heh, one year later, I get this again, search on the internet, find this post and it's surprisingly helpful!  This time the error message is 'ERROR: The APK you uploaded can't be processed.' (in 'step 2')

    In addition to (1) from above i had to update the gradle build tools line to 21 (since everything's now gradle-y here one year in the future):
        buildToolsVersion = "21.1.2"
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