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Assets or standards for haptics

jumblijumbli Posts: 238 Oculus Start Member
edited May 2017 in Unreal Development
I am currently working on haptics for the Touch controllers in Unreal Engine. While the Blueprint functions are easy to use it would be beneficial to have a standard library of haptics to draw from rather than everybody reinventing similar assets.

I think this would be a good topic for the Oculus Developer blog, but I would welcome comments from other developers too.

Example haptic events:
Tension on string (bow or pulling string)
Pulling a lever
Pulling a drawer open
Touching a force field
Button press

I suppose the list is endless, but it would be great to see some sample frequencies, wave files or curves that demonstrate ideal haptic-enabled interactions.

Maybe Oculus make some assets available like they did with the audio files.

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