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Gear VR Controller orientation not being reset when resetting HMD orientation

Norman3DNorman3D Posts: 63
Hiro Protagonist
In our game, we might want the player to look at a particular direction when a level begins or when he spawns from a checkpoint after dying. To do so we have to set the position and orientation of the player in the world.

In Unreal we can reset and set the orientation of the HMD without a problem, however, if we are using the new Gear VR Controller we loose the “front calibration” when doing so.
We can’t find in the API (we are using the oculus branch of unreal btw) a way of updating the controller with the new front vector that the HMD is getting after resetting and setting.

This is the workaround we have come up with so far that we don’t completely like:
Every time that we set the HMD orientation we “force a recalibration” of the controller in that precise moment. (This can’t be achieved with the built-in plugin, we have had to change it).
The problem with this approach is that it’s very unreliable as it heavily depends on how the player is holding motion controller at that moment and where it’s pointing at in relation to the HMD.

Our questions is: Is there any way that when the rotation of the HMD is reset and set, that the same rotation is applied to the controller so that they essentially rotate together?


  • Norman3DNorman3D Posts: 63
    Hiro Protagonist

    I finally have an answer to share. This is going to be changed at the VRAPI level, meaning no engine changes required. It will roll out to users as part of VRService changes. I'm hearing maximum 2 months ETA on this fix.
    Thanks a lot imperativity!
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