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GearVR Carmel and WebGL2

imersoimerso Posts: 10
edited May 22 in Mobile Development
Hello refined community,

I am afraid I already know the answer to my question, but... does the Carmel Developer Preview support WebGL2 at all?

I just recently finished porting one of my projects to WebGL2, then today I added WebVR to it (using one of the Carmel Starter Kit examples as reference), it seems to be ok but when I try to run on the GearVR (opening the app using ovrweb protocol), it just fails with "No WebGL2 support".

The app already runs normally under WebGL2, both on PC and the S7 Edge (I use Chrome to test). I even have the built-in sensors head-tracking working on a Google Cardboard similar. I want it to automatically detect and work with GearVR sensors as well, but through proper WebVR API and not through a Cardboard hack.

If there is no support for WebGL2 at all, I'll consider packing it as a "native" app using something like Cordova, and see if I can proceed from there.



  • imersoimerso Posts: 10
    To Oculus devs: This makes NO SENSE at all to even support WebGL1 instead of just supporting WebGL2, and I'll explain why (and I tested to confirm what I'm saying, as I develop using both S5 and S7):

    • Older phones (ex: S5) which have WebGL1 only, do not work on GearVR anyway;
    • Newer phones (ex: S7) which have both, have no advanced WebGL1 extensions, so they do not benefit from WebGL1 (their WebGL1 support is actually worse than S5 for example);
    • Newer phones (at least the S7 confirmed) do have great WebGL2 support -- my app runs steadily at 60fps stereoscopic in WebGL2 mode, with no glitches at all, while in WebGL1 it is all glitches because of missing extensions which the S5 for example has.
    So, in the end, considering that GearVR requires newer phones which barely support WebGL1, MAKES NO SENSE to only support WebGL1 on GearVR!

    Please fix that ASAP, I beg you. Carmel *should* support only WebGL2 and above, it could safely forget WebGL1, no one with S7 and newer can benefit from WebGL1 at all.

    Also, is this a support forum? Why no answers yet? My app is WebGL2 but it's advanced and commercially viable, I'm pretty much sure it deserves running on the GearVR.

  • imperativityimperativity Posts: 1,711 Oculus Staff

    Welcome to the Oculus Developer Forums.

    Thanks very much for your feedback. I will pass this along to the engineers working on this project and see if they have this roadmapped for future integration. Carmel is still very much a work in progress at this time.

    As described in December 2016 when Carmel/Webvr was announced: "WebVR is an evolving API, and, while there is starting to be some consensus when it comes to a standard configuration, there’s quite a bit that’s still unknown. The Carmel Developer Preview is built upon the most common version of the API."
  • imersoimerso Posts: 10
    edited June 17
    Ok, thanks.
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