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Audio SDK 1.1.4, reflection engine issue

paolo_armaopaolo_armao Posts: 3
edited May 22 in Audio Development
Hi all,
We're experiencing some problems with the Oculus Spatializer Audio plug-in (workflow: FMOD 01.09-04 / Oculus Plug- in 1.1.4 / Unity 5.5.3.f1).
Some of the FMOD events equipped with the Oculus Spatializer plugin start playing at a low volume - different events are randomly affected by this.
While trying to track the issue with the FMOD Live Update, we noticed that if we turn off and on the Oculus Spatial Reverb Reflection Engine positioned on the FMOD Master Bus, the events affected start behaving correctly.
Any ideas?

Thanks for your help,



  • imperativityimperativity Posts: 1,711 Oculus Staff

    Welcome to the Oculus Developer Forums.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We will look into this issue on our end.
  • imperativityimperativity Posts: 1,711 Oculus Staff

    Hi, can you provide a reproduction of the project that is demonstrating this issue for our review internally?
  • paolo_armaopaolo_armao Posts: 3
    @imperativity ;
    (Addin@pelle, our audio programmer to this conversation)
    Sorry for this late response but we took some time to investigate on the issue.
    As previously mentioned, we are using the Oculus Spatial Reverb in FMOD on the Master Bus, automating some parameters (ex. room dimension) through the use of snapshots, one for each room. 

    We made some test using the same FMOD build on a new Unity project and we found out that the problem seems to be a snapshot that manages some VCAs (that control group of sounds) for the pause menu - we verified that both the snapshot start and the stop happens correctly.  If we comment the code lines that manage the GameMenu_Snapshot, everything works fine.

    It is hard to create a project that reproduces this issue without sharing the complete project, but let us if you need any further detail.

    Here's a screenshot for the implementation - thanks for your support.

  • imperativityimperativity Posts: 1,711 Oculus Staff

    Thanks for this!
  • PeterStirlingPeterStirling Posts: 121 Oculus Staff
    Hi Paolo,

    We don't have enough information to properly diagnose this issue. I have tried setting up my own FMOD project and snapshots seem to be working correctly. I cannot see any way to control the spatial reverb with a VCA so if that is part of the problem it might be related to how you're triggering the VCA or possibly a bug in FMOD? Given that this is volume level related that seems like the most likely explanation.

    The easiest way to resolve this is if we can reproduce the issue locally. Can you send us a cut down FMOD project (with or without the audio assets) and your new Unity project that reproduces the problem so we can get to the bottom of this for you?
  • paolo_armaopaolo_armao Posts: 3
    edited June 16
    Hi Peter, 
    What do you mean exactly by saying:
    the problem it might be related to how you're triggering the VCA
    Our VCAs control groups of 3D events spatialized with the Oculus plugin, but the spatial reverb is on the Master Bus. Do you think that some snapshots that control VCAs might create problems with this approach?

    Our programmers are trying to reproduce the issue, more updates soon.

    I might know the answer but, just to be sure - is there a max number of voices/instances that can use the plugin? At this moment we're definitely under 48 instances...

  • PeterStirlingPeterStirling Posts: 121 Oculus Staff
    There is a limit of 64 instances, it might be possible that some events are hanging around and holding instances of the spatializer that are not being used?
  • andrew.monte.7andrew.monte.7 Posts: 1
    I've noticed all events with the spatializer plugin play at a lower volume , also with the vst inside a daw, I assume this is normal behaviour and a characteristic of the product 
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