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[GearVR] Multi-view and MobileHDR

GeorgeCristianTudorGeorgeCristianTudor Posts: 13 Oculus Start Member

Can anybody explain to me why mobile multi-view doesn't work with MobileHDR ?
When I turn it on i only get the image of the left eye.

Any idea if this is just a bug or if it requires substantial work on the engine side ? Would I be wasting my time if I try to fix it in the engine myself ?

Is there any plan from Epic or Oculus to support this in the near future ?



  • GeorgeCristianTudorGeorgeCristianTudor Posts: 13 Oculus Start Member

    I know it is not recommended for performance reasons but I was kind of hoping to have it in anyways.
    On the GearVR version of our game, we pretty much manage to have 60FPS even with MobileHDR enabled. What hits us really hard performance-wise is the draw call count. We have to do all sorts of static actors merging in order to reduce draw calls otherwise the static actors drawing time takes 8ms or more per frame. Was hoping multi-view would help with this.

  • aussieburgerVRaussieburgerVR Posts: 202 Oculus Start Member
    Checked your AA settings? If you have any AA set it can result in this problem - see: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/204390/ue-11846-mobile-hdr-on-gear-vr-progress.html

    Make sure everywhere you have AA set off - cause UE4 adds MSAAx2 by default ;)

    But you probably have a different problem if it works fine with multi-view turned off.

  • Leemon89Leemon89 Posts: 29
    Brain Burst
    Mobile HDR doesn't work with Multi-view according to UE4 documentation. Can't find the source though.
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