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How do I get the Oculus software to detect a 3rd sensor

mattwallacemattwallace Posts: 2
I have a razor blade 2016 laptop. I bought it specifically for doing Oculus development. I'm I also purchased a third sensor so that I could work on room scale VR experiences.  I can't get the Oculus software to detect the 3rd sensor during the setup process. I'm wondering if my laptop is not able to support three sensors or if I'm just doing something wrong during the configuration process to get the third sensor to show up. I did have to purchase a USB 3 hub to have enough ports as the laptop has just sufficient to support a two sensor setup.

If my problem is that I don't have enough supporting hardware, is there a USB 3 hub that will solve my issue or am I going to need to look at getting a desktop system that can support USB 3 cards that can support up to 3 sensors? 


  • KevinakiKevinaki Posts: 222
    Nexus 6
    I'm assuming your laptop is Oculus-ready and you've already been using it with 2 sensors correct?

    I just setup 3 sensors yesterday on my PC. From what I recall, I don't believe you can have more than 3 sensors connected via USB 3.0. I have two of my sensors in USB 2.0 and the third in the 3.0 port. My third sensor launched the 360 setup right away. 

    I don't believe you can have more than one sensor connected to a USB hub either. You might want to do some tests to confirm that but mine wouldn't work that way.
  • mattwallacemattwallace Posts: 2
    Yes my PC is Oculus ready. Two sensors work great. The laptop has 3 USB 3 ports. So i'm guessing there isn't a way to support a third sensor but I'm not sure. It's a 2016 Raser Blade 
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