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Recenter / Quit from the Universal menu

I followed the guide:


But the associated flags in the sessions structure are always false, even when clicking on the corresponding buttons in the universal menu.

    ovrSessionStatus status;
    ovr_GetSessionStatus(m_ovrSession, &status);

    if (status.ShouldRecenter) // always false

Due to the above I failed the app submission.

.HmdMounted and .IsVisible work fine.

Please advise. Thanks.


  • RouslanRouslan Posts: 8
    1.15. Before I posted here, I updated to the latest version, in case this was fixed. 

    I can provide a copy. Do you want source or binary? Alternatively, you could provide me with a sample app source that works. 

  • RouslanRouslan Posts: 8
    No, the app is written from scratch and calls the Oculus SDK directly.
  • RouslanRouslan Posts: 8
    The project is fairly large and it might be tricky to compile. Probably better to provide a binary build + the source file that is specific to Oculus handling?
  • mfmfmfmf Posts: 58 Oculus Staff
    Does OculusRoomTiny (from the SDK downloads) work for you? You can check out the main.cpp there, though it looks basically the same as what you're doing. 
  • RouslanRouslan Posts: 8
    Thank you, mfmf. I can confirm that OculusRoomTiny (DX11) does not recenter too. Could you try it on your side?
  • RouslanRouslan Posts: 8
    Hmm, so you click on recenter at the universal menu and when you go back to the app, you are facing down the room?

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