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Samsung Internet in Gear VR does not show permissions pop-up?

Me and my friend are currently working on an A-Frame based website that relies on using the microphone. However, when you get to the website, e.g. Web Speech API demo website, when you click on the microphone it does not show you the pop up asking to use your phone's microphone. 
I have given the permission in Application Manager in both Samsung Internet and Samsung Internet for Gear VR as well as I have gone to the website using Samsung Internet app and gave the permission there but it doesn't seem like the two apps (normal and VR) are linked in that way. 

Is there a way around it? Am I just dumb?



  • InnerExodusInnerExodus Posts: 108

    Welcome to the Oculus Forums.

    When you deploy your site on PC and test it with a WebVR enabled browser (Chromium/Firefox Nightly), are you able to use the microphone properly? Or are you experiencing this issue both within your desktop browser as well as mobile?
  • simonhavelocksimonhavelock Posts: 2
    I can use the microphone on both browser and mobile. Desktop and Samsung Internet (not VR) asks me for permission to use the mic. However, Samsung Internet for VR does not (the whole website moves, as if there is a pop-up asking for permission to use microphone somewhere but it's not visible on ANY website, e.g. Web Speech API). It looks like a bug.
  • InnerExodusInnerExodus Posts: 108
    Thanks for the follow up.  

    I will bring bring this up internally, and will advise with the details that I find.
  • InnerExodusInnerExodus Posts: 108

    Update:  This is a known behavior on our end. I can share with you that the team involved is indeed currently working on resolving this issue.

    Thanks for bringing this up.
  • MarwaAbdelgawadMarwaAbdelgawad Posts: 1
    could you please advise, when this issue is expected to be fixed, as I'm facing the same issue as well.

    Many Thanks!
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