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Unity 5.6, Wwise 2016, Oculus SDK 1.1.5 - no spatialization in Large/Multi-position mode


I'm currently designing the audio for a VR experience using OSP with Wwise and Unity. A problem that I have is that whenever i'm, in Unity, using the large or multi-position mode of the AkAmbient-component with an event that hosts actors being routed through the Oculus spatializer actual spatialization only occurs for the sound being played from the root location, and not for the added points of emission. 

Of course - I can just add additional emitters and have them each play spatialized audio from the intended positions but it is much less performant. 

Has anyone else experienced this? Bug or expected behaviour? 
If it's caused by the AkAmbient-component that comes with the Wwise-integration, could we get the behaviour we want by posting the event via script instead?

Unity 5.6
Wwise 2016.2.3
OSP 1.1.5

Appreciate any input!


  • joakim_logtownjoakim_logtown Posts: 2
    Thanks for answering this for me, we'll create our own work-arounds for this!
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