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IAP S2S REST Requests Help

handsomeguoguohandsomeguoguo Posts: 15
Now I am handling my application with IAP(Inner Application Purchase) .
I've already succeeded by using the four method to reach my goal.  Platform.IAP.GetViewerPurchases(), Platform.IAP.GetProductsBySKU(),Platform.IAP.LaunchCheckoutFlow() , Platform.IAP.ConsumePurchase() .

Now I want to use the S2S REST Requests for IAP for security. The totorial information on  the website is so confused for me.

For example:
$ curl -d "access_token=$USER_ACCESSTOKEN" -d "user_id=$USERID"$APPID/verify_entitlement

I have 3 questions for this:
1)How can I put this kind of code to my C# files,or in my Unity project?
2)if there is a way, to write this in C# style  to reach the same goal?
3)Does anyone know some examples about how to use S2S request in oculus VR application?


  • handsomeguoguohandsomeguoguo Posts: 15

    Hello guys, do you ever have some experience about this issue?
  • imperativityimperativity Posts: 1,711 Oculus Staff

    We provide the tools and documentation to incorporate these functions into Oculus applications. While I will make a best effort to source clarity in regards to your questions, the way you incorporate this code into your project is up to you and will vary from project to project.

    I will update this thread with any information or examples I can locate regarding S2S request best practices via our platform.
  • delphinius81delphinius81 Posts: 283
    Nexus 6
    Nope, I just used the provided API functions, didn't bother making web requests. However, if you want to do that, you'll need to google something about curl in c#. You're on your own figuring that out, though someone might be able to better direct you.
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