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Unity 5.61f1 gear vr app only rendering to one eye

I am building a stereoscopic video player in unity and am having problems with getting both eyes to render, the right eye always stays on the slash screen which constantly flickers and the left eye renders the scene properly.  I'm using the OVRPlayerController with the use per eyes checkbox ticked.  

In the scene I have two spheres each one sitting in a different layer (leftEye and rightEye) and each of the eye anchor cameras in the ovr rig is set to cull all but their own layer.  For testing I've applied a red and a blue texture respectively to the right and left cameras so when it works I expect one eye to show solid blue and the other to show solid red. Right now I just see blue in the left eye and flickering unity splash screen on the right.

I have tried using standard unity cameras and got the same result, I also tried adding a script that loops all cameras in the scene and toggles their active flag to see if that would get it going but that had no effect.  What do I need to do to make this work
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