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universal menu progression blockers on Windows 7...

TrevJTTrevJT Posts: 43
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Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew how I could fix this issue:

"When opening the Universal Menu during gameplay, and then closing it to return to the app...the screen is completely black in the headset, causing the app to be unplayable."

^ This only happens on Windows 7, It tests fine on Windows 8 and 10.  I don't have a windows 7 machine yet and can't duplicate... 

 I'm hoping it's an issue with the Platform SDK or or utilities... I'm on 1.14




  • InnerExodusInnerExodus Posts: 108

    In order to check this more thoroughly, could you tell me which platform you are developing on? Also, is this particular Windows 7 environment experiencing issues with all Oculus apps or is it unique to the app that you mentioned?
  • TrevJTTrevJT Posts: 43
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    Sorry, took vacation break, I'm back.

    Still having the issue, building on Unity 5.6.0f3 using 1.14 for SDK and utilities. I do not have "Pause the game" functionality due to the nature of the game...
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