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Bounds for Avatar SDK

droushidroushi Posts: 7
I am using Avatar SDK and my app allows the user to move their freely in space using the thumbstick.
The user simply points at the direction they want to move in and use the thumbstick to move there. I do this by changing the eye position. Everything works great.

My problem happens when my eye position (world space) is outside the range

-65 < x < 65
-15 < y < 15
-65 < z < 65

Beyond these points the avatar renders correctly but is stuck at that boundary. only when I come back does it "re-attach".

Inside the boundary,everything works fine

Just outside the boundary, the avatar stays there until I come back

I have a feeling that this has to do with the play area limitations,


  • droushidroushi Posts: 7
    I worked around this problem by providing the Avatar APIs untranslated eye position and building an appropriate view matrix. That is somewhat equivalent to rendering the Avatar in eye space rather than world space.
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