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During setup my display shows no picture

LiveFreeOrDieLiveFreeOrDie Posts: 2
I just bought the CV1. When I fist got it 3 days ago now , I went through the setup process with no problems. I enjoyed my new VR experience for about 4 hours. The next day i was prompted to go through the setup again and this time when it came to finishing in the head set all I got was black! Everything else is working fine. All hook ups check out. I have sound but no picture. My system is window 10 64bit, I5-4670k, Graphic card is R9 290x Devil 13, 16 GB Ram. I know my system can handle this due to the fact I was in for 4 hours with no problems. So why now??? I'm so disappointed. Wonder now if I should of bought the HTC Vive.
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