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Streaming live video to a GearVR app?

fabreeezefabreeeze Posts: 2
edited July 2017 in Oculus Go Development
I would like to capture video with a camera connected to my laptop and stream the live feed to GearVR.
This camera would be attached to the top of the GearVR and serve as a passthrough camera for AR.

Is there currently any solution for this?
If I'll have to create an app to accomplish this, what methods are available to send to/receive video with GearVR?

I'm working with the ZED stereoscopic camera, in case anyone is familiar. If I could stream a 3D video to GearVR, that would be great-- but I would settle with being able to send the side by side image. 

Thank you


  • fabreeezefabreeeze Posts: 2
    edited July 2017
    Thanks for the response.

    Yes. The camera will sit on top of the GearVR and will be connected to a laptop. I don't think the charging port on the GearVR would handle the USB 3.0 stream and the S8 most likely wouldn't do well running both the camera and VR software.

    What are these apps and how can I go about getting a live stream approved? This is for a research project at my university.

    I figured it would be similarly taxing to the hardware as streaming side by side 3D youtube videos, but yes I kinda started to realize this is kind of uncharted territory.
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