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Headset Rendering Broken While Playing In Editor With a Dedicated Server


Our project relies on game logic that is server side however it's currently not possible to test in editor with the 'Run Dedicated Server' box checked using an Oculus headset. Nothing is rendered to the headset. We think the cause is the dedicated server child process creating an ovr session and stealing headset focus. The sdk never receives a render frame because dedicated servers have no render thread.

On closer inspection it seems that the problem is that the oculus engine plugin uses the IsRunningDedicatedServer() function in several places to check if there is a render thread. The problem is that IsRunningDedicatedServer() returns false when running from an editor context. A consistent way to tell if you are running from a dedicated server is to get a reference to the world context then check the netmode, though I don't know whether it's even possible to get reference to the world from the plugin code. The bug has made testing dedicated server logic very slow as we have to create a packaged build every time we want to test in headset. Any help, fix, or workaround would be really appreciated.


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