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SDK for playing videos from PC on Oculus Rift CV1?

db7638db7638 Posts: 4
edited July 14 in PC Development
Oculus noob here. I see a lot of apps for the Rift that can play videos from a PC on the Rift (examples: , , and .

What SDK (or part of SDK) exactly is needed to create an app like this? Can the video be streamed to Rift through USB or another wired connection except HDMI?

Using the same SDK, would I be able to play a live-stream generated from my PC on the Rift?

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  • imperativityimperativity Posts: 1,597 Oculus Staff

    Currently our Capture 360 SDK is only available for Gear VR and is included in the Mobile SDK.

    Sorry about that.
  • db7638db7638 Posts: 4
    Hi imperativity,

    Thanks for answering my question. Could you also please answer what part of the SDK can be used to develop apps similar to the ones I mentioned earlier?
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