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Begginer questions.

jowe1999jowe1999 Posts: 1
Hi, I have some questions that I couldn't find answers i developers section. 
Is there any fee for relasing the game? I mean like start fee or something. 
How much time it takes from creating account to relase, like do I need to wait some days until You verify my company? 
How much time review process takes? 
Do You take any fee for selling game on your Store? Like 30% for every sold copy etc. 
I think that's it for now. Looking forward for answers. 


  • InnerExodusInnerExodus Posts: 108 Oculus Staff

    Welcome to the Oculus Forums!

    1) There is no up-front fee for releasing a game.

    2) Creating an account is quite easy.  Once you have set up your Oculus ID, you can go to your dashboard and create a developer organization. This process entails no downtime, and verification is typically not required.

    3) The review process can take up to two - three weeks. If you intend to release by a deadline, please keep this timeframe in mind and feel free to reach out and coordinate with us.

    4) You are correct. 30% of copies sold goes to Oculus.
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