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Oculus FMOD plugin editor runtime

WANTmusikWANTmusik Posts: 3
Please help, maybe it's just me, but... where did you put the UnityPackage for Oculus FMOD plugin in v1.16 download?
I see that now there's a specific download for FMOD plugin, and I'm able to work with Oculus Audio into FMOD editor. 
But I can't add the FMOD plugin into Unity integration because I can't find the Unity Package to have it working as FMOD Plugin into unity editor.
The package you put on the asset store contains only the Unity "native" integration, not very useful since I'm using FMOD.
it should be several OculusSpatializerFMOD runtime files somewhere, one for every platform, into Unity plugin folders


  • PeterStirlingPeterStirling Posts: 119 Oculus Staff
    Hi WANTmusik,

    We removed the Unity integration from our FMOD plugin because it's main purpose was to expose the room reflections and reverb settings. We moved those settings into the Oculus Spatial Reverb effect within our plugin a while a go so it seemed like the unitypackage was no longer needed. To get our integration working with Unity it should be as simple as copying the binaries (.dll and .so) into the appropriate platforms directories in the Assets/Plugins directory. (for the Mac you need to rename the .dylib to .bundle)
  • WANTmusikWANTmusik Posts: 3
    Hi WANTmusik,

     (for the Mac you need to rename the .dylib to .bundle)
    That's the missing part !!
    no idea of it since there's no documentation about this practice
    I'll try, thanks 
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