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Gear VR and gamepad setup

KrisKellyKrisKelly Posts: 1
Hi, Hopefully someone can help.

I have set up a scene in unity, when in play mode connected to my XBOX controller all controls mapped are working fine. However. When I build to the GVR the mapping is off. For example, 

            if (OVRInput.GetDown (OVRInput.Button.Start, OVRInput.Controller.Gamepad)) {

Works in unity but on the GVR it does the action that I have mapped to the Right shoulder button.


if (OVRInput.GetDown (OVRInput.Button.PrimaryShoulder, OVRInput.Controller.Gamepad)) { 

Does nothing. Very confusing.

But like I said all works in the unity editor......

Please help.




  • imperativityimperativity Posts: 1,597 Oculus Staff

    Welcome to the Oculus Developer Forums.

    Which version of Oculus Utilities are you using?

    If it is the latest one (1.16) try this to get proper functionality from the controller:

    Parent one GearVrController prefab located at OVR/Prefabs/GearVrController.prefab under both the LeftHandAnchor and RightHandAnchor game objects of the OVRCameraRig.


    The GearVrController prefab contains a 3D model of the Gear VR Controller. This prefab has a OVRGearVRController script attached. The OVRGearVRController script shows or hides a game object based on the attached controller. To properly configure it set the right controllers type to R Tracked Remote and the left controller to L Tracked Remote.
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