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How to setup Oculus DK2 on Windows10

canon0911canon0911 Posts: 2
Hi, I recently got a DK2 and tried to download the setup tool from Oculus page because I found this discussion (
But during setup "Headset HDMI" and "Headset USB" were not connected, only "Sensor USB" was successfully connected so that I couldn't complete the setup and even Runtime was not installed.

I could find "Rift DK2" in device window and my DK2 showed a blue light. Once I skipped setup and run a Unity 3D application on DK2 the demo appeared on Unity window but anything couldn't be seen on DK2.

My environment is the below.
Laptop: ALIENWARE 15 15.6" Gaming Laptop
- Windows 10
- Intel® Core™ i7-7700 processor
- RAM: 16 GB / Storage: 1 TB HDD & 256 GB SSD
- Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
- Oculus SDK for Windows (ovr_sdk_win_1.16.0_public)

I also tried some other ways.
- Oculus Legacy Runtime for Windows - Runtime 0.8 (oculus_runtime_sdk_0.8.0.0_win)
- Runtime 0.6 (
- Restart Windows on my laptop
- Reinstall Oculus app
- Conect to other USB ports / plug and unplug many times

Could anyone fix it? I would really appreciate any help.
Thank you very much in advance.


  • vmystikilvvmystikilv Posts: 2
    Mines did the same thing. Just skip it, every thing that does not require a touch controller still works fine for me. I have not used the unity stuff though. Only items in oculus home and steam vr
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  • canon0911canon0911 Posts: 2
    Thank you so much for sharing @vmystikilv! Mines also work everything except for the Unity things :'(
  • kyan1551kyan1551 Posts: 2
    hello everyone , I'm having pass the sensors set up step ,any tips to share ....?
  • XsjadiaXsjadia Posts: 331
    Nexus 6
    Have to use runtime with the DK2, (can use 1.3.2 if you make sure the runtime doesn't auto-update to the latest) but make sure you uninstall all other oculus runtimes/software, and only have version on your computer (otherwise the newer version's server.exe will override the older version's).
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    4-Sensor, Roomscale Setup
  • DiemsDiems Posts: 4
    How do I get 1.3.2?
  • JonesyLeoJonesyLeo Posts: 5
    I follow
  • diogofigueiredodiogofigueiredo Posts: 161
    There's absolutely no need to use older runtimes. The newest Oculus Home works flawlessly with DK2. Image quality is incredibly better.
    Make sure you are connecting the HDMI directly into the HDMI port of your video card. It won't accept adaptors.
    Also, for testing, try to run some Oculus Home games, not old Unity demos that might not be supported anymore.
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