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How to find/create a dev-tam

(tl;dr below)
Hi VR-people,
I tend to have great ideas that are usually way above what I could do on my own, so I (almost) never start realising them.
Seeing the potential and demand for vr-games, I would really love to finally bring one of those ideas to life.
I do have experience in programming, although I didn't really work on anything complex for almost ten years (just php and other web-stuff).
I have several useful skills (planning, [basic] programming, designing, etc.) and have worked on games before (Half Life with the Hammer Editor first, then Crysis/CryEngine).
Having seen some videos on creating content for VR-games, I think that together with some motivated people, a good game would totally be possible.

About the "idea":
It would be easy for me to write a small book about it, but I'll try just to keep to the basics.
The game is based in the future and in space, zero-g all the time. The movement would be quite similar like in Echo Arena. You would first have to pull yourself around your surrounding and find ways to propel yourself later in the game.
It would be for adults, having some gory elements and maybe some nudity (as a german I can't undestand the americans fear of bare skin, but that's another topic ;)).
The genre would be sci-fi/horror/thriller, maybe with some shooter elements, but mainly you would have to stay alive by hiding wherever you can.
Of course, nothing is set in stone and I am always open to ideas.

So, what would you recommend me to do?
Should I start writing details down, drawing concept art, creating charts and tables about what software would be best?
Or should I put this idea into another of my "dead projects" drawers?
Anything between?

Have an idea (and some skills) for an enthusiastic adult-horror-sci/fi-fps-game, but no team and little ressources.
Should I try it or forget it? If I should try, where to start (and recruit)?

Thanks in advance :)
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