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Where do I find my App ID once created

I've created an append was assigned an App ID but now I cannot find it when I go back to manage the app. Where do I find my App ID once created?


  • davidbelooseskydavidbeloosesky Posts: 7
    I want to launch another app using:
    Oculus.Platform.Application.LaunchOtherApp(1257029974329451, options)
    From where can I get the appID, if the app is not in the Oculus store yet?
  • shashkesshashkes Posts: 31 Oculus Start Member
    click manage then your app and then "gettins started api" oh yeah make so much sense.... not!
  • morte111morte111 Posts: 7
    Thx @shashkes
    Found it under https://dashboard.oculus.com after logging in, left side menu tree hierarchy :
    Manage/<myorg>/<myapp>/Getting Started API

    Pretty sure it was under a different menu tree branch only a few months ago :)

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