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Unity spatializer problem

MephestoKhaanMephestoKhaan Posts: 66 Oculus Start Member
I just upgraded a project to Unity 2017 and imported the newest spatializer, but I am having the weirdest of problems.

There is a particular scene with multiple audio sources that is playing totally fine on its own but, if it is preceeded by another scene with audio,  the performance drops to 1-10 fps.  I have tracked this down to the spatializer (if I disable it it is ok, if the first scene does not use it is ok)... so it seems something is staying dirty. I have played with the buffer size, max sources etc but all of them have little effect.

Weird enough this is not happening in other scenes (at least I did not notice, the other scenes have way less sources as well)


  • MephestoKhaanMephestoKhaan Posts: 66 Oculus Start Member
    Hi, sorry for the late answer.
    It is 1.16 and Unity 2017. I am swamped in waork at the moment but will have a further look into this and update here. Thanks!
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