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Oculus Setup Download Mac?

NolenNolen Posts: 1
I tried to setup my oculus rift on my mac, but when I download the software it was an .exe file. I tried opening it with virtual machines and wine and I haven't had any luck. Is there a mac download I can get.


  • RichardSedaiRichardSedai Posts: 1
    Best way to use Oculus on a Mac is to use a Mac Pro and use Boot Camp to load Windows 10 on it. I have it working on my Mac Pro 2010 with a upgraded CPU and Graphics card (Intel 6 core 3.46 GHz i7-990x w/ AMD Radeon RX 580) and a USB 3.0 PCI card. Was able to pick up a refurbished Mac Pro 2010 for only $427 on Newegg.com. The upgrades only topped out at $460. So all under 1k. :-)
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