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osig files on the S8?

CJG360CJG360 Posts: 4
We have a GearVR app working on multiple devices.  We bought a bunch of new Samsung S8's to add the app to those devices, but the osig file is not working on them.  I went through the same process to get the device ID from the older devices, but on the S8's, it doesn't seem to work.  I've now tested three different S8's and all of them give me an error 'The APK is not signed' when I open my app.  Has anyone had issues with getting a working osig file on the S8?  I'm stuck right now and am really not sure what to do.  Thanks!


  • nueandnueand Posts: 1
    Same here Cj, Im also facing the same bug on my galaxy s8 running android 7.0.
  • CJG360CJG360 Posts: 4
    Thank you both.  It seems like this may be related to the Samsung OS.  I updated that phone to the newest os and the app worked after that.  I'm going to test this on one of our other S8's to confirm that that's the issue and will comment here after.
  • CJG360CJG360 Posts: 4
    I just created another app and I included three osig files - one for my personal S7 edge and two for the new S8's we just got.  The app worked on my phone and one of the S8's.  Both S8's were fully updated and I've confirmed that the device ID is correct on both.  Also, the S8 that is not working now was the one that worked after I updated the operating system earlier.  I tested a different app earlier, one that was much smaller as a quick test, but used the same osig file.  Now, that's the phone that is giving me the APK not signed error.
  • selvin.jack.980selvin.jack.980 Posts: 1
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  • Subhra10Subhra10 Posts: 1
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    Thanks for the post
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