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VR Object Touch controllers don't wake when moved

Touch controllers configured as "Left Touch" or "Right Touch" seem to wake up from their Standby state when moved (even if they're outside of the tracking space). I'm assuming it's via the IMUs. Touch controllers configured as a "VR Object" only seem to wake up when the "A", "B" or Oculus buttons are pressed. I've had some development issues related to my VR Object going into Standby which are exacerbated by the bug which prevents the tracking state from being read out in Unity (see https://forums.oculus.com/community/discussion/comment/544368#Comment_544368).

Would it be possible to get a new VR Object firmware that would allow waking to work like the regular Touch controllers? Thanks!!



  • mfmfmfmf Posts: 58 Oculus Staff
    Once awake, the VR Object should only enter standby if the HMD is still and the proximity sensor is not covered. You could try covering the prox sensor while you need it to remain on. We don't have any plans for a firmware update currently.
  • ConstellationConstellation Posts: 211
    I had covered the proximity sensor but left the HMD sitting on my desk because I need to be able to look at my Unity console as well as a monitor on a second PC in order debug the problem at hand. I realize that this is a use case that probably only applies to developers and not end users but it's one that I feel is important to address. Until HMD resolution is adequate for development it would be real nice to give devs full control over Standby settings for all devices.
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