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Unity/Fmod/Oculus Spatializer problem. ERR_FILE_NOTFOUND

andyhstokesandyhstokes Posts: 1
edited August 2017 in Audio Development

This is pretty urgent, its for a masters degree. so any help would be much appreciated  :)

Note: I renamed both the .dll plugins in X86 & X86_64 to OculusSpatializer in the above picture.

So... I've followed the Oculus documentation for FMOD integration, searched for days for an answer on google and for the life of me I cant get these errors to go away. The Spatializer is being used in FMOD, I've imported the unity bundle to the correct paths - (/assets/plugins/) and double checked the name of the file the Oculus bundle provides (AudioPluginOculusSpatializer.dll) against the fmod > edit > plugins name (AudioPluginOculusSpatializer).

The unity error that comes up seems to find the plugin but returns 'ERR_FILE_NOTFOUND' at RuntimeManager.cs:148
SystemNotInitializedException: FMOD Studio initialization failed : Loading plugin 'AudioPluginOculusSpatializer' from 'E:/Unity/Winter/Winter/Assets/Plugins/X86_64/AudioPluginOculusSpatializer.dll' : ERR_FILE_NOTFOUND : File not found.
FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.CheckInitResult (RESULT result, System.String cause) (at Assets/Plugins/FMOD/RuntimeManager.cs:148)
FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.Initialiase (Boolean forceNoNetwork) (at Assets/Plugins/FMOD/RuntimeManager.cs:266)
FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.get_Instance () (at Assets/Plugins/FMOD/RuntimeManager.cs:79)

Some things I've tried..
  • Re-Importing all Assets
  • Deleting either X86 or X86_64 to try and resolve a name conflict, checking build settings too.
  • Deleting plugins and reimporting Oculus / FMOD asset bundles.
  • Different Versions of Unity and Fmod all the way up to the beta from 5.5.2f1.
  • Double checking the Fmod>edit>plugin name, renaming both to try and resolve a possible conflicting name.
  • DLL Import Settings
  • Unity audio project settings...
  • New blank project, repeating all previous steps.
I'm hoping someone here just tells me I've missed a blatantly obvious step.. 

I'd appreciate any help possible, thanks guys.


  • imperativityimperativity Posts: 1,848 Oculus Staff

    Welcome to the Oculus Developer Forums.

    It looks like you are trying to use the unity plugin with FMOD. The unity plugin is for use with the unity sound system.
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