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OVROverlay crashes on S7 Unity 5.6.2 and 2017.1

flarbflarb Posts: 68
Hiro Protagonist
I've tried to use OVROverlay with Utilities 1.5 and 1.6 beta using Unity 5.6.2 and 2017.1 respectively to no avail. With both the sample framework scene and any scene I make with a single OVROverlay component in it crashes on startup when running on a Galaxy S7. 

Are OVROverlays broken in Unity?


  • flarbflarb Posts: 68
    Hiro Protagonist
    Sure no problem. Although I'm just building and running your overlay scene from the oculus framework with no modifications. Maybe it doesn't like some of my piblishing settings? I'll get you a logcat. 
  • flarbflarb Posts: 68
    Hiro Protagonist
    Could have sworn I had the same problem with 1.15. I'll double check. 
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