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App crash on exit via Oculus Menu

deanroskelldeanroskell Posts: 3
We're getting a crash on exit when exiting the application by using the exit app button in the Oculus Menu. 

Pressing the X on the app window does not cause it.

  • The crash results in the usual Windows error: 'Application has stopped working <Debug> <Close Program>'
  • Oculus Appl reports: App Failed to Close - The app you're running wasn't able to fully shut down. if this leads to performance issues in VR, you want to manually quit the app or close any windows associated with it on your desktop.

Tested on build that hasn't been submitted to Oculus store

Unity 5.6
Oculus SDK 1.16.0



  • deanroskelldeanroskell Posts: 3
    Tested this by uploading a build and installing it through Oculus Home and I still get a crash on exit. The app performs perfectly apart from that.

  • imperativityimperativity Posts: 1,697 Oculus Staff
    edited August 14

    Welcome to the Oculus Developer Forums.

    Would you be willing to supply a reproduction project for our internal review?
  • deanroskelldeanroskell Posts: 3
    Figured out the reason. 

    We were blocking the application from quitting while we saved session data by using a coroutine. I re-coded the solution to work in the update loop and not a coroutine and the crash went away. 
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