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Gear VR devs without PC VR headsets: how do you do rapid prototyping?

firagabirdfiragabird Posts: 168
In another thread, I discovered that the Oculus team's recommendation is to use Rift and a single Touch controller to rapidly iterate your designs on the PC before building your mobile APK. I don't have Rift though (they're not sold in the Philippines), and I'm guessing I'm not alone.

For those among us that only have a PC and a Gear VR to develop with, how do you quickly develop for your mobile VR title?

P.S.: this is in Unity.
S7 Exynos Nougat. 2017 Gear VR. Public test channel.


  • firagabirdfiragabird Posts: 168

    Thanks for the response. There is some consolation in knowing the Oculus team is trying to find a solution that doesn't require Touch to iterate quickly.

    If they're not already aware, I'd like to point out that the Daydream platform has a feature called Instant Reloading that they presented last Google I/O. It allows devs on Unity to push changes inside the Editor directly into the mobile device, similar to React VR's Hot Reloading. I believe this would be immeasurably valuable to Gear VR devs as well.

    In the meantime, I'd like to know if there are any clever workarounds done by game devs right now. I'd be happy to learn about them as well. :)
    S7 Exynos Nougat. 2017 Gear VR. Public test channel.
  • edinkyedinky Posts: 14
    If you use the XRNode class in Unity for your input, and switch to windows mode you can use a Rift and one touch controller to roughly simulate the Gear VR output. Quite useful for quick iteration on things.
  • firagabirdfiragabird Posts: 168

    Yes, I mentioned as much in the opening post. The question is what can a developer without access to Rift do to iterate quickly.
    S7 Exynos Nougat. 2017 Gear VR. Public test channel.
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