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Do development users and test-users created through the dashboard update live leaderboards?

jumblijumbli Posts: 238 Oculus Start Member
When testing via the Unreal Editor (4.17 from Oculus GitHub) leaderboards are updated as expected when using my development Oculus user and a test user I created in the dashboard (after adding the Side Loading registry entry).

If I upload to the Alpha channel and test via Oculus Home, the leaderboard entries appear to be empty.

Do you flag developer users and test users created via the dashboard and purposely exclude them from being displayed in the leaderboards shown when playing via Oculus Home? That would make sense, but I just want to clarify it's true.

When I start my Alpha Testing I will be inviting users with proper Oculus accounts to test and I will manually add them (via email address) to the Alpha Channel. Will they update the live leaderboards so that I can see it's all working properly? I assume the testers don't need to have been given keys for the live leaderboard to be updated, is that correct?

Developer of Dimensional, The Relentless, Breath Tech, Jigsaw 360
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  • jumblijumbli Posts: 238 Oculus Start Member
    edited August 2017
    Thanks for your response. Knowing that the scores should be showing, I did some more investigation and got it to work. For the benefit of anyone else struggling, here's what I learned:

    1) The log files in \Users\[name]\AppData\Local\Oculus\Service... show the requests and responses being made via platform SDK, so that helped solve the problem very easily.
    2) Leaderboard names are case sensitive.
    3) In UE4, something was changing the leaderboard names I was sending to be all lowercase. This only occurred in the packaged game. I can't think why this would happen and maybe it is specific to my game. The result was that my leaderboard "Timed" would work when running in the editor, but failed in the packaged build when "timed" was being sent instead. I just made everything lowercase to fix the problem.

    One step closer to alpha testing :)
    Developer of Dimensional, The Relentless, Breath Tech, Jigsaw 360
    View my dev blog at JumbliVR.com
  • juanoldinhojuanoldinho Posts: 131
    Thanks for the update. 

    I looked through our documentation and there is no mention of case-sensitivity in regards to leaderboard names. I will put in a request to have our documentation updated.
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