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Aug 26, 4:45 AM PDT

I wanted to adjust and increase the sampling as mentioned on the site called VR. I followed the steps first downloading the oculus for windows sdk. unzipped the file ect and went to the tools folder and opened the debug tool. I did that but it didn't work it did some weird things put out a prompt that it could not access or something like that, from my memory. The thing is that I believe I messed up my oculus resolution. Things don't look the same. I took the action of pressing the repair software part but I'm not sure it worked.
Is it possible I did mess it up when I didn't actually get into the tool file?
And doesn't the repair oculus software not restore it back to the original position?
And finally isn't super sampling in the NVidia control not translate to the oculus visual?
like to seriously increase the sampling quality of the visuals.
Can you provide the correct steps too achieve this through the debug tool and any other thoughts will be welcomed.
Thank you all the best.

Oculus support sent me here. hope you can help.

I'm not a developer just a user of the product.

Hope you can help.


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