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360 Video Audio Format Issue In Unity

sberkysberky Posts: 16
Does anyone have experience with audio formats in Unity when bringing in edited video assets? I'm exporting video (H.264 Mp4) from Adobe Premiere and using a default AAC codec for audio, but when I build a video player in Unity for the Gear VR, the audio keeps dropping out of my build. Also when I exported audio separately and tried to add it as a separate asset to the video, my synch went off. Any ideas how to fix this? 


  • imperativityimperativity Posts: 1,697 Oculus Staff

    I have forwarded this query to the Audio SDK team for their input.

    In the meantime, in case it's needed---can you provide the version of Unity and Oculus software you are using?
  • sberkysberky Posts: 16
    Unity is 5.6.2 and Oculus software...not sure where to find that... 
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