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Classic mobile developer need for guidance

Mr.PatzMr.Patz Posts: 1
Hi all.
I'm experienced classic app developer (both iOS and Android). have 0 experience in developing 3d games or vr.
My strong languages are obj-c and java. I prefer higher level languages but will learn c++ if its needed.

Few days ago i bought S8 and the Gear VR and immediately fell in love and i want to start developing on my mac os-x.
After reading for few hours i still couldn't figure out where should my focus be. My end goal is to be able to create top class VR apps and probably go and work for a VR gaming company.

Should i go with Unity? Unreal? or oculus mobile sdk?  

Thanks for helping!


  • Hi,

    Welcome to the Oculus Developer Forums.

    Have you read through the documentation within our Developer Center? There is a wealth of useful information to familiarize yourself with comfort concerns, input considerations, and how VR is made possible from a technical perspective. 

    Once you've read through some of the introductory material, we'd encourage you to read through the doc pages for the respective game engines as well as the native SDK to see which one aligns with your skills most appropriately. 

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