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Ambisonics does not seem to be effected by head orientation

BeloudestBeloudest Posts: 12
Hi I'm using the latest beta version of unity which is 2017.2.0b8, I have downloaded the latest Oculus SDK via the asset store.

When I try out the ambisonics features using the demo scene named  YellowBall with AmbiX decoding enabled it does not seem to react to the orientation of my head. It appears the decoding is working correctly though as I can here the demo AmbiX audio  loop example panning around my head.

The panning positions in the audio don't adjust depending on what direction I face. I'd expect the word "front" to be behind me when turn around 180 degrees.

Maybe I am missing something here but I thought ambiX format is for static soundfields used for ambiance of large surroundings that are static? Is it not working currently?

Thanks in advance! :dizzy:


  • BeloudestBeloudest Posts: 12
    I solved it, I had to install the Audio SDK, I think the Unity Store Assets are outdated. ;)
  • imperativityimperativity Posts: 1,697 Oculus Staff

    Thanks for sharing this with the forum. I will look into our Unity Store assets.
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